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Sean is a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors, the nation's premier stage combat training organization. He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Stage Combat at Muhlenberg College, and an associate instructor at Pace University's Manhattan campus.

College & University
Muhlenberg College - Adjunct Professor (Unarmed, Knife, Rapier & Dagger, Single Sword, Longsword)
Long Island Univesity CW Post - Adjunct Associate Professor (Unarmed)

Pace University - Associate Instructor (Unarmed, Knife, Rapier & Dagger)
New York University - Guest Instructor (Katana)
Wesleyan University - Guest Instructor (Unarmed)
University of Michigan - Guest Instructor (Unarmed)
Macalaster College - Guest Instructor (Single Sword, Unarmed)

Professional Classes & Workshops
Neutral Chaos Combat - Instructor & Visiting Artist
SAFD National Stage Combat Workshop
Stage Combat Deutchland
New York Summer Sling Stage Combat Workshop
MAC Intensive

Winter Wonderland Workshop
Philadelphia Stage Combat Workshop
Theatrica Gladitoria

Carnage in the Corn
New York Classical Theatre
Galhalla NYC

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